Welcome to my first official blog! I have given some thought to what I wanted to communicate... should it be about the Butte, MT real estate market and the current lack of inventory? Should it be about the Butte, MT real estate market with respect to sales and listing data from 2016 vs 2017? Well it may come as a surprise but I think the best thing to discuss today is the dilemma the Butte Rescue Mission (of which I'm a board member) finds itself in. As many of you know the Butte Rescue Mission is in the process of being shut down due to safety concerns with their building located on 2nd street here in Butte. As a result of call to Butte-Silver Bow the fire department conducted an inspection of the property and deemed it unsafe. Through this process I've attended a number of meetings with local officials and concerned citizens. Let me say I am more than impressed with Brian Doherty and Jeff Miller from out local fire department. It is obvious they have the best interests of the residents of the homeless shelter at heart. There are other local officials who I can say the same about. Unfortunately I can't say that for everyone involved. To date the Butte Rescue mission has not been able to secure a new facility, despite their constant efforts. Believe me we have tried. The problem is the only zoning that allows for a mission is C3 which is primarily in the uptown district. Any other area will require a successful zoning variance which is unlikely to say the least. It is my hope the Butte Rescue Mission will find a long range solution to their housing needs. If anyone is aware of a property in the uptown area that might be suitable for the Butte Rescue Mission I would very much appreciate you letting me know. This issue shouldn't be based on politics or even economics, but should be based on our desire to provide shelter to a segment of our society who simply needs a hand up. There are some wonderful people being served by the Butte Rescue Mission and it's my hope they will continue to be served. Well that's it for today. Hope you're all having a great day... after all we should be smiling as tomorrow is St Patty's Day! Mike McLeod